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Enormous Health Benefits of GORONTULA, DATES & FENUGREEK



The health benefits of GORONTULA seeds, dates, SOYA powder and FENUGREEK powder are enormous.


GORONTULA 👉 aids fertility, conception, treats infection, reduce menstrual cramps, aids digestion, prevents bruises during s3x thereby making it enjoyable.

Ready to put an end to the things that stop you from enjoying the activities of Za Oza room like…

Vaginal dryness (results in pain and bruises)

lack of desire (stress-induced or unbalanced hormones)

Insomnia/hot flashes because of “menopause”

Recurrent UTIs/”toilet” infections (producing vaginal odours)

Not feeling clean down there (due to frequent discharge)

Feeling tired.

Severe menstrual cramps and irregular menses.
our Goron Tula fruits, syrup and a range of other herbs have helped over 100 women/men put an end to the above.

Also, our products

Boost the general immune system.

Cleanses the reproductive system and boosts fertility(men and women).

Reduce immunocompetence (pregnant and menstruating women)

Regulates blood pressure and sugar levels.

Boosts energy levels and increase athletic performance.

Don’t wait until you start experiencing these things. Visit us on Instagram via




DATES 👉 Natural sugar. High in Fibre, Potassium. It keeps the heart healthy and a great substitute for refined sugar. Also helps in weight loss. It is filled with minerals, vitamins and protein. The powder can be added to cereals, pap, oats, etc.

Price = N1,300 (SOYA powder/DATES).



FENUGREEK POWDER 👉 increases hips and breasts, increases milk supply for breastfeeding mothers, reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, limits the production of cholesterol. It can be added to tea, cereals, golden morn, etc.

Price = N1, 500.

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