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Mercy Obidake media (MO MEDIA) is a company whose aim is to inform, educate, entertain and impact society.





New publishing.

Our NEWS publishing is aimed at communicating the right information to the public daily, about current happenings in society in a timely manner. It comprises of both local and foreign news. It is multi-niche; health, technology, entertainment, food and fashion.


Red Carpet & Events

We cover red carpet and events of different organizations and programs.


Film, Documentary & Music Production 

MO MEDIA  produces Educative and entertaining movies, documentaries and music that impact society positively. We also provide film advisory & consultancy services.


Film & Media Institute 

We offer trainings in Film and Media. Trainings on Screenwriting, Acting, Directing, Cinematography, video editing, Website & graphic design.



Public Relations/Advertising 

MO MEDIA promotes and offers exposure to artistes, individuals, events, organisations and businesses on various social platforms. We combine data and top marketing execution to help our clients build strong relationships with the public, achieve progress and great revenue.




MO MEDIA (Mercy Obidake Media) was registered in February, 2019 as a company in Nigeria under the CAC.


It is founded by Mercy Taremoboere Obidake. Born on the 25th of April, Mercy hails from Sagbama local government area in Bayelsa State.


Mercy Obidake studied Electrical/Electronics Engineering in Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State. Years later, she got trained in Media & Film making at Empire Film Academy in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


She has a post graduate diploma in Mass Communication  (Public Relations and Advertising) , Nigerian Institute of Journalism.


Mercy Obidake Media


Mercy Obidake is the second of five children. She is a journalist, PR expert, blogger, brand influencer and screenwriter. She resides in Lagos state, Nigeria.



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