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“You Took An Oath To Save Lives” – Bbnaija’s Anto Lecky, Cautions Nigerian Doctors Seeking For Opportunities Abroad (VIDEO)



Reality TV star and Medical Doctor, Anto Lecky, shared her views on Nigerian doctors seeking opportunities abroad on the DW series, THE 77 Percent.

"You Took An Oath To Save Lives" - Bbnaija's Anto Lecky, Cautions Nigerian Doctors Seeking For Opportunities Abroad (VIDEO

Doctors are supposed to have an ingrained reason to want to help people. So the fact that people are running away because of money is a problem to me. You took an oath to save lives,” she said.

While offering advice for them to stay and contribute to the development of healthcare in Nigeria, she reminded Nigerians that living abroad is not as beautiful as people think. She stressed that getting opportunities abroad does not amount to a perfect life.

“I am not against people leaving, do what you want to do. But I’m often hearing things like ‘That side is amazing,’ and it’s not. If you’d rather deal with racism than tribalism here, by all means go and have a blast. But I don’t want people to think that automatically, once you go it’d be amazing. Even if you’re skilled, you’d still face challenges,” she said.

My charge is, if you’re going to go please take those resources and bring them back to Nigeria because we need it,” she added.

“I think oftentimes because we have access to social media we think everyone’s life is perfect and it’s not like that. Even abroad you have to have a certain kind of salary to get a certain kind of mortgage, to get a certain kind of house. Everywhere has its rules,” Lecky said.

See video below;

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