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How To Achieve Fast And Healthy Weight loss



While adding weight might be the prayers and goal of some people, most people are seriously looking for ways in which they can reduce their body fat, it’s just like the saying “one man’s food is another man’s poison”.


It is normal for one to add weight but then, worry can set in when the added weight exceeds the expectation of the person involved and this is as a result of some factors. Gaining of excessive weight could lead to obesity and trust me, no one likes to be slowed down simply because of their body fat which is constraining them from doing some activities.



Everyone wants to go about his or her daily activities in an active manner and not sluggishly however, an excessive weight gain could pose as an hindrance. Before we talk about how to achieve fat and healthy weight loss, let’s see some general causes of weight gain and some causes of weight gain in men and women.


What Are The Causes Of Weight Gain?

1. Genetics: When you have grandparents or parents who are fat or obese, you will also become fat if you do nothing to stop it.

2. Eating of junks: Have you noticed that people who always take junk foods get fat easily? Well, you should not be surprised next time you make this observation because junks actually increase a person’s weight.

3. Insulin: insulin is a hormone that is responsible for the regulation of the storage of energy, it helps to control the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood but then, this same insulin can still instruct fat cells to store fat and hold on to it resulting to weight gain.

4. Some medications: Drugs like antidepressants and some drugs used to treat diabetes come with side effects and one of these side effect is the addition of weight.

5. Addiction to food: Some people think their avoidance of junks is the only thing that will stop them from gaining weight but this is wrong because aside eating of junk food, one who loves eating at any slight opportunity has the tendency of gaining weight.

6. Intake of sugar: Sugar changes the biochemisty and hormone of the body especially when it is taken in large amount, this in turn leads to weight gain.

7. Cushing’s Syndrome: Here, the body produces much cortisol and a person with this syndrome may add weight in their face, neck, upper back and abdomen.

8. Loss of weight: This might look like an irony but if you recently lose some weight, this weight could come back.

9. Quitting Smoking: When one quits smoking, the dopamine level in their body drops. Dopamine is responsible for instant pleasure. Though the dopamine level drops, your cravings still remains and this could make you eat.

10. Lack of fatty acids: Fatty acids help you maintain metabolism and manage excessive cravings.

What Are The Causes Of Weight Gain In Men?

1. Decline in testosterone level: A male whose testosterone level starts dropping will suddenly start adding weight

2. Alcohol: Are you a heavy drinker of alcoholic drinks? Maybe you need to stop. Alcohol contains much calories and calories can trigger the brain to release melanin which is responsible for increasing your appetite for oily foods.

3. Sickness: This may be sounding strange to you but it definitely can cause weight gain though not all sicknesses. A sickness like arthritis can make you restrict your movement thereby making you stay inactive for long hours and constant staying at home can increase your weight.

4. Excessive Salt: Constant intake of salty foods can make one gain weight and this is because salt makes water stay in the body.
5. Endocrine Disorder: A man with endocrine disorder which is hypothyroidism can lead to weight gain.

How To Achieve Fast And Healthy Weight loss

What Are The Causes Of Weight Gain In Women?

➢ Perimenopause and menopause:

Perimenopause is the transition period to menopause. Women who fall under this category gain fat and this is because at this point, their oestrogen level drops. The fat amassed here could go more into your abdomen more than any other part of the body.

➢ Stress and depression:

Cortisol is a natural stress hormone and this hormone can stimulate the fat and carbohydrate metabolism making energy rise up in your body and at the same time, increasing your appetite. A high increase in cortisol hormone could also make you crave for salty foods as well as fatty foods.


➢ Medication: As discussed earlier, some drugs could make one add weight. This includes drugs that treat depression, high blood pressure, seizures, and diabetes.

How To Achieve Fast And Healthy Weight loss

➢ Lack of sleep: Staying awake while you should be sleeping could make you want to eat and not just any type of food. Insomnia makes you crave sugar and fat.


➢ Ovarian Cancer

➢ Pregnancy: A pregnant woman consumes more calories and this makes her add weight.


➢ Birth Control Pills: One of the side effects that come with the use of contraceptive in order to prevent pregnancy is the addition of weight. So if you don’t plan on adding weight, you might want to consider avoiding contraceptives.

Now you have the causes of weight gain, it is time for you to also know how to achieve fast and healthy weight loss.

❖ Eat Proteins: It is advisable you eat more of proteins if you want to lose weight. Proteins make you feel full and this is because of the appetite hormone it regulates. Proteins help preserve your body mass while you lose fat.

❖ Reduce your intake of carbs: Instead of taking foods rich in carbohydrate, take fruits. Nuts and wholegrain.

❖ Try fasting and while fasting, try the 16/8 method. That is, fasting for 16hours and eating for 8hours or you could just fast for a day.

❖ Get a good night sleep: Poor night sleep slows down the process of your body converting calories into energy(metabolism) and when this slows down, the body stores up unused energy as fat.

❖ Eat enough dietary fibre: Dietary fibres like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and oats should not skip you food menu

❖ When taking breakfast, your calories intake should be between 400-500 calories.

❖ When eating snacks, calories should be less than 300 and ensure you choose snacks without much salt or sugar.

❖ Take spices: Spices cause capsaicin to increase the body’s release of adrenaline which could in turn speed up the ability to burn fat. Capsaicin is a chemical compound that increases metabolism and it is found in chilli peppers so ensure you add spices like ginger, turmeric, etc in your food.

❖ Drink water: It is advisable you drink water before each meal, it will help you feel full and make you eat less.

❖ Drink healthy beverages

❖ Stop drinking processed fruits

❖ Increase your intake of iron

❖ Avoid sitting frequently. Instead of driving, you could take a walk to your destination and instead of using the lift, you could decide to use the staircase.

❖ Exercise: Lifting weight helps burn calories and helps prevent metabolism from slowing down. Do some push ups, squats, swimming and jogging.
When talking about how to achieve fast and healthy weight loss, you should eat certain foods.

Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

▪ Take fruits like watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, grapes, pineapple and asparagus. These fruits contain diuretic properties that keep you full.
▪ Reduce your intake of alcohol
▪ Eat foods rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium
▪ Take eggs, salmon, potatoes, chicken breast, dark chocolate, green tea, etc.
Added to this article on how to achieve fast and healthy weight loss is how to lose belly fat. While some people just gain weight in other parts of their body, some gain weight in their belly and you know how embarrassing or uncomfortable this might be especially when it is stopping you from putting on that beautiful dress you admire.


What Causes Belly Fat?

This could be caused by different factors ranging from lack of exercise to genetics and environmental factors, it also comes with aging. The fat on our stomach consists of two kinds of fat, the visceral fat and the subcutaneous fat. The visceral fat stays deep inside your abdomen, and is packed around the internal organs while the subcutaneous fat is found under the skin, it’s usually soft and not harmful unlike the visceral fat which could lead to health issues. One thing you should know is that you could still have belly fat even when you aren’t obese.

How To Reduce Belly Fat

The steps in reducing your weight are almost the same steps you should take if you want to reduce your belly fat.

1. Work out: Workouts will help your belly fat reduce especially when you become consistent with it, being consistent does not mean you will engage in exercise everyday, you could choose days that are convenient for you and keep up with the schedule. And while working out, your exercise should be more than five minutes.
2. Sleep
3. Reduce your stress level
4. Focus on foods with low calories
5. Reduce your intake of alcohol. Alcohol stops your body from burning fat, makes you hungry and also causes some health problems like stroke, high blood pressure, liver disease and heart disease.

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