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Amazing Benefits of Organic Skincare Products



The largest breathing organ in your body is your skin. 60% of what is applied on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, and it eventually circulates in your whole body.

Organic skincare products

Most non-organic skincare products contains toxins which are harmful to your body.



Non-organic skincare products contain chemicals such as sodium laurel, laureth sulphate, mineral oils and toxins that could be residues of pesticides. They also contain chemicals that can cause hormone imbalance, skin irritation and even cancer.


Organic skin care products contain natural ingredients. These skincare products are derived from plants and other natural ingredients.

The ingredients used in making these organic skin care products are grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertiziliers and other chemicals.
Organic skin care ingredients are non-allergenic. They do not cause inflammations, allergic reactions or irritations.


Organic skin care products work better than most of these synthetic skincare products. Plants contain a good level of vital antioxidants because they are grown without pesticides and herbicides.
95% of the ingredients in Organic Skincare Products are active.


Synthetic products actually act faster on the skin but they can cause great harm to the skin and the overal body. With prolonged use, they damage and weaken the skin.


Organic skin care products might be slower but they are more nutritional to the body.


Organic skincare products

Going Organic is better for your skin and your overall body.



Visit Presh B Nourish Skincare for all your organic skincare products. If you have acnes, dark spots, dark knuckles, scars, scabies, etc. Then you need these organic skincare products.

They smoothen and brighten the skin. The products are suitable for all skin type.


The following organic skincare products are currently available and very affordable:

Glow Brightening Oil
Tumeric Face Soap
Flawless Face Cream
Whitening Propel Lotion
Knuckles Cleanser
Face Toner
Glow Body Butter
Half Caste Shower Gel
Oatmeal Glow Body Scrub
Snow White Fruity Soap
Lightening Black Soap
Lemon sea-salt Body Scrub
Pink lip Scrub
Baby Glow Wash, etc.


Visit their page HERE , make enquiries and purchase directly on whatsapp 👉


Presh B Nourish Skincare is also offering a 30% Discount on all sales from 7th to 15th December.

Organic skincare products

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