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“You Have Failed As A M0ther, Your Agemate Mercy, Has Three Businesses, You Have N0thing”- Fans Of Mercy Eke Bl@st Angel’ s Mum, She Replies (VIDEO)



"You Have Failed As A M0ther, Your Agemate Mercy, Has Three Businesses, You Have N0thing"- Fans Of Mercy Eke Bl@st Angel' s Mum, She Replies (VIDEO)

Fans of the First runner up, bbn all stars, Mercy Eke, have gone on a twitter space to rain insults on Angel Smith’s mum after Mercy cried out in a viral video for not getting support from people she assumed were her friends, Mercy also unfollowed her friend, Angel Smith.

Mercy Eke fans insulted Angel’s mum, accused her of telling her daughter’s fans not to support Mercy Eke, also called her a failed mother for raising a slut, Angel.

In response, Angel’s mum debunked their allegation, showing proof of her supporting Mercy, Alex and Ilebaye.

She also insulted them back by saying their fave sleeps with married men.

Angel’s mum tweeted in response:

Y’all went as far as broke-shaming me LMfao🤣🤣🤣🤣at least thank God I’m not living a fake life and sleeping around with married men😜the little I have I’m grateful to God for that🙏

Empty heads claiming that I abandoned my child let me bring back y’all empty brain back to life

Nigerians and judging pain they don’t understand 5/6…tagging me a prostitute is a big slap on y’all faces because I’m yet to see pictures of me on the streets of Ghana prostituting even my country people can never accuse me of that and that is on God…

Y’all lied that I was shading her and lied that I asked archangels not to vote for her but this was still me giving order for them to post her when she was up for eviction..


That was how you morons lied that I told archangels not to vote for your fave..y’all should not even make me start talking because if I start the matter go long..every single curse you women used on my child I send it back to senders in 1000folds


May it never be well with this useless person calling me into their madness…I dare you bastard to drop your receipts of me shading your fave…old women old enough to be grandmas lying unprovoked🤡keep my name out of your gutter mouth

So you old fools know that your fave is my age mate but yet you lots want to drag a 23years old girl…all of you slut-shaming my child in the name of Jesus all your female children will always be slut-shaming AMEN🙏

See video:

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