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Mohbad’s Dad Reveals All That Happened The Night Mohbad Died, How Mortuary Rejected His Son’s Body, Wunmi’s Role In It And How She Has Refused DNA Till Now (VIDEO)



Joseph Aloba, the father to late singer Mohbad, has revealed all that happened the night his som died, how the mortuary rejected his body

Mr Aloba also talked about the role of his son’s wife, Wunmi in the case of her husband’s death and why she has refused to carry out  a DNA test to confirm if Mohbad is really his father.

Mr Aloba Joseph

Mr Aloba Joseph

In a recent video, from an interview with Bukky Jesse, Mr Aloba said;

“The night Mohbad di#d I went to the police station to ask for police report, when I got there after 3 hours of waiting, the police came back to tell me that they cannot give me the police report. He asked me which police station did I report to when he di#d, I told him that I’m new on the island , I met him de@d and that’s why I came to the station but he said since his d3ath wasn’t reported earlier, they cannot give him the police report. I took him straight to Ikorodu mortuary, his wife Wunmi was with me, her brother, child, aunty were all with me. And wunmi was looking at me as they rejected his corpse at the mortuary, meanwhile she was with the doctor’s report. What was I suppose to do,will I just be looking at his corpse?”

At Coroner Inquest wunmi did not mention Samlarry she only mentioned Nairamarley.
She was asked to DNA but she keeps running, we got order and even pasted on the gate, she still did not do it.

Recently at the police station,  I said DNA is one of the motive but her lawyer responded that she will not do it in the presence of police. But I want to assume the lawyer made mistake.

What is happening now is just part one, we are about to enter part two. We are going to do a personal autopsy and toxicology. I spoke with my friend who is a doctor and he told me that even if someone di3d one year ago, the cause of d3ath can be detected even with just the bone .I must find out what k#lled Mohbad, he di#d inside the house. We must find the CCTV in his house.The first hospital he was taken to declared him ‘brought in d3ad’, same with the 2nd one.Instead of taking him to mortuary they took his body home.

The lawyer I met in his house when he di3d should come out and say I’m l¥ing or the ambulance that picked him should come out and say they did not meet him in the state of embalment. I met Alfa there when he di3d, was he suppose to be there before me the father. I met his hair sh@ved. God really wants to expose them that’s why Mohbad was exhumed.“

see the video below…


Recall that Nigerians complained repeatedly that Mohbad’s burial site, which was next to a cassava farm, was unsuitable for a celebrity.

Mohbad’s father explained why his son was buried quickly in a video that was uploaded by @temilolasobola to Instagram.

The singer’s father claims that because the corpse was young when it died, in Yoruba land, it could not be kept for very long. Additionally, he said that if Mohbad had lived to be older, he might have thought about keeping his body in the morgue for longer.

In his words: “In Yoruba land, his corpse is not the kind to be kept when both of his parents are still alive. Assuming he died at an older age, we might have considered putting his body in the mortuary and taking it at a later date. That same night we took him away from there and buried him where we did.”

According to Mohbad’s dad, where his son was buried was the only land he knew that belonged to the singer. He explained that even though his son had given him the land to build his church, he decided to bury him there since he doesn’t know of him owning any other land.

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