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“Liam has bow legs, no bow leg in our family” – Mohbad’s Father, Aloba Joseph Insists Wunmi Is Gu!lty Of Paternity Fraüd (DETAILS/AUDIO)



Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Illerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, has once again leveled accusations of paternity fraud against his daughter-in-law, Wunmi.

Mohbad’s dad, Mr. Aloba, recently unleashed a whopper of a revelation, claiming he’s got a foolproof way to determine if Liam Light is his biological grandchild.

Mr Aloba Joseph

Mr Aloba Joseph

He’s peddling the notion that Liam’s bow legs are a dead giveaway that he’s not Mohbad’s son, insisting that such a trait doesn’t run in the family, and accusing Wunmi of pulling a fast one with paternity fraud.

This outlandish claim has left observers of the family drama agog, aghast at Mr. Aloba’s misguided belief that a single physical trait can reveal paternity.

They’re calling him out for his narrow-minded view, which trivializes the vast array of genetic factors that contribute to a child’s physical appearance, reducing the profound science of genetics to an oversimplified and inaccurate notion.

In a recent audio interview reported on social media, Mr. Aloba adamantly maintained that his grandson, Liam Light  Aloba, does not belong to his deceased son.

He emphasized that Liam’s noticeable bow legs are a clear indication, as no one in their family has such a trait.

Mr Aloba boldly expressed his belief that Wunmi’s partner may have been involved in Mohbad’s demise and urged her to take her son, Liam Light to his rightful father.

He said, “All the names Mohbad mentioned in the petition he wrote, were involved in his death. I still insist that his wife’s concubine killed him. This is why DNA is a must.

“Wunmi said my son deflowered her so why is she running away from DNA? Liam has bow legs. We don’t have bow legs in the Aloba family. She should take the boy to his father. It is so sad that these wicked people k!Iled my son in his prime. Nigerians should please support me as I fight for justice for my son.”

Earlier in April 2024, Mohbad’s father had declared that while he believed Liam to be his grandson, he insisted that Wunmi should undergo a DNA test to address the curiosity of concerned Nigerians. .

The ongoing back-and-forth between Mohbad’s family and in-laws has sparked fury and led to serious allegations from both sides since the singer’s passing.

Listen to the audio below…


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