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Nigerian Foundation Announces N50m Reward For Accurate Information Leading To Arrest Of Mohbad’s K!llers




African Foundation for Justice and African Television have placed a huge sum of 50 million Naira as reward, if any information can be provided, which will lead to the arrest of Late Nigerian Singer, Mohbad’s Killers.

This is as they urged well-meaning citizens of the world to join the African Foundation for Justice to support the justice for the Mohbad movement.

Larry Omodia, who is the CEO of African Television and African Foundation for Justice, stated this in a chat with journalists on Wednesday at the Ikorodu Magistrate Court, Ikorodu, shortly after a corrona inquest on the death of Mohbad.

“African Foundation for Justice and African Television joined this movement of justice for Mohbad to support freedom of the press and make sure that Nigeria’s image is redeemed.

“We came supporting DNA for every child. We offered to raise N10million in support of DNA for Mohbad’s child,” he said.

“African Television and African Foundation for Justice is here to announce our support to the efforts of the Nigerian police.

“We are therefore raising a N50 million reward for the person that will give us the information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of the death of Mohbad.”

He further noted that in the quest to find the perpetrators, journalists and bloggers are being arrested, and mothers are crying and having sleepless nights on social media.

“You’re all aware of the demise of Mohbad. Precisely, eight months ago, the world was shocked when Mohbad’s wife took to social media and announced his death. From East to West, North and South, people around the world are crying, seeking to find, prosecute and convict the killers of Mohbad

“Arifa and Veron, two popular bloggers, are currently sitting in police custody.

“In fact, the quest by the public to make sure the killers are arrested has turned into a nightmare.

“We believe that the police are now looking in the right direction by questioning everybody that was around Mohbad within his last 72 hours on earth.”

According to him, a thorough investigation “of those people should bring us closer to what may have caused the death of Mohbad.

“If you have credible information, our lawyers are on the ground to help you get it to the right authorities. I encourage you to help Nigeria, help Mohbad, and help mothers and fathers crying all over the world. Let’s make sure that we give Nigeria and Africa the justice needed. Solving this case will improve our justice system. Our tourism will be encouraged, and Nigerians abroad will feel better and safe about returning or visiting Nigeria.”

Omodia assured that African Television and the foundation partners are ready to provide the safety of the person.

He disclosed that they are also organising a ‘Sing For Mohbad’ tribute concert coming up in September to keep Mohbad’s name alive.

Also speaking with journalists a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, Wahab Shittu, said the pathologist gave a lot of reasons why the cause of Mohbad’s death cannot be determined.

“He said by the time they conducted the autopsy the body was already decomposing, and it is not possible for them to determine the cause of death.

“When you say the cause of death cannot be ascertained it is suspicious. It is not clear. There are other factors that were established today, the disagreement between Mohbad and his wife. And also the disagreement between the deceased and Sam Larry and others. All of this came out today from the testimony of Prime Boy, one of the witnesses.

“The pathologist has given his evidence today, and we have taken a date to cross-examine him, to ask him questions on his report. Until those questions are asked, you cannot say this is the outcome of the report. I employ everybody to have an open mind until we look at all the possibilities,” Shittu said.


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