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Kai Cenat Set to Sue Only Fans Model Layla Red Over Alleged Private Image Leak



In a recent Twitch stream, Cenat addressed allegations of agreeing to pay $5,000 for services, leading to Layla Red’s Instagram account suspension. Cenat assured viewers that he would handle the issue legally, maintaining composure throughout the broadcast.
During his Twitch appearance, Cenat confidently shared his plans to pursue legal action, stating, “There is some dumb shit, clout-chasing weird ass shit going on right now bro.

But it’s alright though, it’s alright chat. I’ll see you in court.”
In a recent Twitch stream, Cenat expressed his desire to clarify the situation, urging his viewers to hear his side of the story. “Got you! Okay? Listen to me, okay? I can explain, bro. Listen to me chat, okay, I can explain,” he emphasized during the broadcast. He attributed the leak to an attempt to gain notoriety, highlighting that the incidents occurred in early 2023.

Cenat’s shift in tone to a lighter conversation, suggesting discussing flowers and rainbows, steered the dialogue away from the contentious issue. If the case progresses to court, it may be considered a matter of revenge porn, involving the unauthorized distribution of intimate content with harmful intent.

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