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“Kidnapping is not on the rise in Ekiti or anywhere in Nigeria. Forget what you see on social media” – Police PRO




Nigerian police PRO has reacted to the alleged rise of kidn@pping in Nigeria.

Nigerian police PRO

In a recent interview with Channels news, Nigerian police PRO has debunked rumours of rise kidnapping in Nigeria.

The PRO was asked what the cause of kidnapping in Nigeria was, and he expressed that most times it’s the topography of the country that causes it, as some places are isolated and easier to penetrate.

When asked about the kidnapping in Ekiti and Lagos State, he stated that “kidnapping isn’t on the rise in the northern, southern and eastern areas.”

“forget what you see on social media, when you see them on social media you’ll feel they are many cases but I have the records and the cases of kidnapping isn’t high and also with the records I have, we have rescued many kidnapping victims” – the PRO further added.

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