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Reason Why Davido Sacked His Lawyer- SDK (DETAIL)



Popular Journalist and blogger, Stella Dimokokorkus, also known as SDK, has revealed the real reason why Davido fired his lawyer, Prince Bobo Ajudua.

SDK wrote:

Singer Davido recently sacked his long time Lawyer and the reasons are beginning to filter in from close sources who are presently dancing Bugga and celebrating the sack……..

According to the sources, the problem started a long time ago but Davido was the last person to see what was wrong until the scales recently fell off his eyes….
First off, they say Mr Lawyer forgot his Job and began to play the role of Manager of money and friend……The insider used one of many instances where Davido recently made money at Maddison garden where he recently performed but his Lawyer allegedly gave him only $18k and allegedly said that it was all he made and that he had settled bills from the huge amount handed to him.

Recently in Dubai Davido allegedly had problems with his cards which were declined and he instructed the bill to be sent to Mr Lawyer who had about $400k of his money with him but Mr Lawyer sent back the bill to the hotel and refused to pay for the bottles of water Davido had ordered for and the hotel panicked thinking he could not pay and locked Davido out of his room, it was so bad that he called his father crying that Mr Lawyer had siezed money and his father made calls and moved him to another hotel and left Mr Lawyer at the hotel …..

According to sources,he fired the Lawyer in Dubai and told him to go his way….
Out of the $400K with Mr Lawyer, he allegedly returned only $30K and alleged that he settled some bills and paid for tickets…..Ticket? PLEASE!
He has been making frantic calls to Chioma to beg for him but nsiders allege he was one of those who did not want Chioma to marry Baba Ibeji….

Davido’s team are reportedly having a party, celebrating the sack of Mr Lawyer who is described as very proud and treated Davidos others friends badly.
The team was advised by the almighty Chief Adeleke not to comment on the issue but Davido who feels used and betrayed has been posting cryptic messages on his Whatsapp status referring to the situation…
Davido camp is presently in Osun celebrating the sack of Mr Lawyer who is allegedly reportedly making frantic calls to settle ……
You can join the celebration team in Osun state if you want…..

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