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“Korra Used This Method To Sc@m Her Fans” – Korra Obidi’s Ex Husband, Justin Dean Reveals What Korra Sister Said (VIDEO)



Korra Obidi’s ex husband, Justin Dean, has come on social media to reveal that she used the GoFundMe campaign to extort money for her vacation.

In the video, he said the dancer had gone on vacation at the moment, confirming that if its about money, she has enough money to do things herself. He revealed that she has bought two new houses and two new cars in the past two years & getting a lawyer only costs $5000.

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The father of two, and ex husband to Korra futher stated that she was the one who decided to take the issues to court against him, because she was trying to protect her kid from slavery.

Moreover, he claimed that Korra had her money and could afford hiring a lawyer, but she wanted to extort money from her fans through the GoFundMe campaign.

According to Korra’s ex husband, he got a voice recording of Korra’s sister laughing and saying that her fans loved to be scammed.

Watch video below…


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