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Korra Obidi Reacts As TikToker Peller Asked Her To Be His Babymama (VIDEO)



TikToker Peller

In a live TikTok session, on 28th of May, the famous TikToker Peller jokingly asked dancer Korra Obidi to be his “Baby mama,” causing a commotion online.


After winning a game against Korra Obidi on TikTok, Peller subtly expressed his desire to be closer to her and jokingly asked her to be his baby mama.

Korra Obidi, who is a mother of two, was surprised by Peller’s bold proposal and emphasized her beauty while expressing her growing attachment. She even threatened to block him.

Peller later apologized for his disrespectful behavior towards the dancer.

Korra Obidi

In response, Korra jokingly mentioned that, considering her age, she could potentially be Peller’s mother.

Upon learning that Korra is 32 years old, Peller, who is in his early twenties, jokingly dismissed the idea of dating her, claiming that she is old enough to be his grandmother.

See the video below…

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