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Korra Obidi Sl@ms Netizen Who Dr@gged Her For Plans To Go On Vacation After Crediting Her GoFundMe With Over $50,000 (VIDEO)



Dancer Korra Obidi in a viral video slams netizens and has denied claims that she paid for her vacation to Hawaii with the $50k that was donated by her fans for legal fee.

Korra created a GoFundMe on Friday, 10th of May 2024, in order to hire a good lawyer, adding that she wants to overturn the right of her ex-husband, Justin Dean, over their kids.

Dancer, Korra Obidi's affair with club owner exposed as leaked chat surfaces (Screenshot)

Korra Obidi

The campaign quickly gained traction, generating $56,285 from more than 1,300 donors worldwide. Obidi’s supporters contributed generously, believing the funds were crucial for her legal battle to retain rights over her children.

However, the situation took a controversial turn on Sunday when Obidi, during a live session on Facebook, declared her plans to vacation in Hawaii.

This announcement sparked widespread outrage among her followers, who felt deceived by the shift in the intended use of the donated funds.

Her decision was greeted with outrage from her fans, with many alleging that the main intent of the GoFundMe was never to file a suit against her ex-husband but to lavish on her extravagant lifestyle, others accused her of scamming innocent people.

But during a live session on her Instagram account on Monday, Korra said she had already booked the trip before opening a GoFundMe account.

“Make my life end, because I do GoFundMe? This trip wey I book, I don book am since. Nigerians, drink water, you will be alright. I never collected anything from GoFundMe and the money will be use for what it says it will be used for,” the dancer said in parts.

MOMEDIA recalled that Korra officially announced her divorce from Justin in a Facebook post on November 19, 2023, in which she stated that she was open to moving on in peace with her ex, for the sake of their children.

One user on Facebook Arlene Berman commented;

“You missed Mothers Day with your children to travel to Hawaii? Shame on you and the love for your children. Always complaining and calling Justin out, but take a good look in the mirror and this time it’s you. Go fund me? You don’t make enough money to pay the mortgage on that house, travel and live well. Taking advantage for sure.”

Karen Lenea, commented, “Your father should be ashamed of you for BEGGING for money to fly around the world. I bet you didn’t even get a lawyer. I feel sorry for the people that gave you money. WAKE UP PEOPLE…”

The outrage extended beyond Facebook to other social media platforms. On Twitter, a user, @Anitarose122, remarked, “Korra Obidi is going on vacation in Hawaii, and some of her fans are crying that they raised money for her to fight her ex-husband in court case, only for her to be going on vacation. Go flex your life. They must get sense by force $54,000 no be beans. Tour the world, my dear.”

Another user, @the_beardedsina, pointed out, “You won’t donate money to legit GoFundMe of people that need surgery, have chronic diseases, or cancers, but you will carry money to support Korra Obidi that wants to go for vacation. Now you’re shouting that you were used. Make it make sense.”

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