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BBNaija’s Saskay Brêâks Silence Amid Pregnancy Rumors



Big Brother Naija Former housemate, Saskay finally addressed fans over pregnancy allegations.

Following a viral video that emerged on Saskay’s birthday, which showed her boyfriend, Chef Derin, gifting her some jewelry, netizens while awwing, had also commented on her belly.


Fans had remarked that her belly had looked bigger than usual, with some even speculating that she was pregnant. However, the reality TV star took to the X platform today to debunk the allegations.

She humorously addressed it by asking the rumour mongers what they would be naming the twins. She went on to suggest a surprising name, Bibsy and Bugsy, while ending her statement by calling the rumour mongers silly clowns.

In her words, this is what she had to say,

“So what are we naming the twins?

I’m thinking bipsy and bugsy

Silly Clowns”


Now let’s recall that a few months back, Saskay and her boyfriend Chef Derin had been in a controversy after an alleged leaked chat emerged, which saw Chef Derin spilling on his relationship with Saskay.

In this leaked chat, he had expressed that sex with her was trash, while also stating that she was the person pushing for the relationship. However, the duo did not debunk the statement or confirm it.


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