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Karimot, Sister of Mohbad’s Wife Disöwns Wunmi and Their Mother, Rain Cur$e$ On Them (VIDEO)



The sister of Mohbad’s wife openly disowns Wunmi and their mother, accusing them of betrayal and rains cur$e$ on them.

Karimot, the sister of Wunmi, the late Nigerian artist Mohbad’s wife, has publicly disowned both her sister and their mother, blaming them of betrayal and dishonesty.

Late Mohbad’s wife sister, Karimot

Karimot, Mohbad’s wife sister

The development came after an uproar of controversy surrounding the family following Mohbad’s death.

Karimot’s sister, whose identity remains undisclosed, unleashed a barrage of accusations against her sister, Wunmi.

She described her unwavering support during the stormy period preceding Mohbad’s death, only to feel betrayed by her sister’s purported betrayal.

She stated that she had disowned both Wumi and their mother.

She went on to reveal that she had stood by her sister’s side when the entire incident with Mohbad had happened, and yet she was stabbing her at the back.

The aggrieved sister further elaborated on Wunmi’s alleged manipulative tendencies, accusing her of exploiting relationships and callously discarding individuals once they had served their purpose.

“You are a user. You use people and throw them away when you are done with them,” she said.

Adding fuel to the fire, she hinted at exposing undisclosed grievances to the Nigerian public, promising to unveil the alleged mistreatment she endured.

“Wunmi, Despite the fact that you never told me anything about your husband(Mohbad) before he passed away, I still stood by you as a sister when the incident happened. Now you are stabb!ng me at the back. You lied to people I wasn’t the one that made you know Falana, it shall not be well with you. You are a user. You use people and throw them away when you are done with them. I will expose everything I have been enduring to Nigerians. I have disowned you and your mother. She is no longer my mother. She is not a good mother”, Karimot added.

watch her speak below;

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