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BBNaija Pere Egbi Receives N3 Million And Others As Welcome Back Gifts From His Fans (DETAIL)



Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) “All Stars” housemate, Pere Egbi received a warm welcome from his fans upon the conclusion of the show.

Bbnaija pere gifts from fans
The former Nigerian-American soldier received a huge sum of N3 million naira, a money bouquet among others as a welcome back home gift.

Bbnaija pere gifts from fans



In other news, Vee Iye, a reality TV star and actress, has opened up about the condition of her heart and said that she thinks she only has two more heartbreaks until she is done with love.

Vee Iye on heartbreak
Vee’s candid confession gives insight into her past heartbreak experiences and current perspective on relationships.


Taking to her microblogging platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, Vee shared her emotional sentiment, hinting at the toll previous heartbreaks have taken on her.



She tweeted “I have 2 heartbreaks left in me. After that, I’m done”.

Vee Iye on heartbreak

Her message suggests that she’s approaching love cautiously, as she feels she may have limited capacity left to endure further heartbreak.

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