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 “Why My Father Disowned Me Over the Phone – Hilda Baci Opens Up



Hilda baci disowned by her father

Guinness world record holder, Hilda Baci, has opened up about her relationship with her biological father.

Hilda said:

“My daddy issues stem a lot from abandonment. My dad didn’t abandon me from the onset, I feel like my dad was present to an extent, he tried where he could, but then when it came down to it, you know when they say when the elephants are fighting, the ground is suffering – I think we the kids were the ground that suffered when the elephants, our parents, were fighting.

So it was very much more they had issues, and then we were collateral damage for my dad. And I feel like why it’s so profound for me is more the fact that I was already in my 300-level second semester.

So, if you’re to think about the stress that comes from having a child, it’s training them through primary school, secondary school, university, and then once they get out of it, if you can’t afford to send them to their masters, it’s like go and start making money for yourself. So in my opinion, we were already – at least my brother and I – we were almost out of that phase where we were constantly asking for money or anything like that, and then my dad is like “oh, I disown you”.

So I pretty much still remember the conversation where I was calling my dad cuz I think it was matriculation and I was calling my dad like “you will not bring food for me this matric?” and then his response to me is “who is your dad?”

So, that was when it dawned on me that my parents were having issues, and I just remember going on from that time, and as time went on, it just started to dawn on me that this man is serious oh, this is not a joke.”

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