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Actor Kanayo Calls Out Movie Producers For Misleading Viewers (VIDEO)



Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has called out movie producers for misleading viewers.

Actor Kanayo to movie producers

The Nollywood star expressed his disappointment noting that movie producers paint the wrong pictures of beauty and makeup.



He expressed that Nollywood wood always shows off rich men as one who wears agbada and women as one who wears heavy makeup.



He cited an example, showing off his fancy footwear, he noted that anyone who see it who know it’s expensive, unlike in Nollywood movies where one must wear a big clothe.



Kanayo O Kanayo further stated that showing of a wealthy woman as one who wears heavy make up to cook or a man who dresses fully to sleep, is “misleading”.



Watch the video below:

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