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“I Was Barren For 16 Years, Used My Sisters Kids To Cover My Shame”- Nigerian Lady Says As She Welcomes A Child After 16 Years Of Childlessness



Amara, a lawyer who has been married for 16 years before having a child testified of how she covered the shame of childlessness with her sisters’ kids.


I Was Barren For 16 Years….Used My Sisters Kids To Cover My Shame”

She shared on Instagram:

“When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.psa 126 :1

I still can’t fathom that I’m a MOTHER,I look at my Son steady n say to myself so this is mine?all these years I’ve been using my sisters kids to cover my shame,didn’t want to be pitied ?

I come out strong n fulfilled but,in my war room all I do is cry to God,asking him wat I’ve done to deserve this wilderness I’m in,knowing that I got married in my teens.

the journey of 16 years looked like 16days coz of this angel I call “Hubby” a man that will take a bullet for me and still come to check my body to make sure I don’t ve a wound ? pple call me “pampered wife” coz of the way he spoils me with Love,he’s words “we can neva be childless “ during our wait gave me strength ??

and the day we found out we where pregnant,he broke down to tears,for the first time in 16years I saw my husband cry ? seeing him in tears made me cry like a baby,husbands like u re rear,u re not human u re an angel in disguise,and someone said u deserve an award

“ Man of the year Award” and others said I should never in my life do u bad ? Thank you Akwa’m for Everything just don’t ve an option but to tell the world how greatful I am.”


I Was Barren For 16 Years….Used My Sisters Kids To Cover My Shame”

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