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“Our teachers are aware but they don’t act” – Students of Lead British School tells stranger about cases of bullying happening in the school(VIDEO)



Stranger at the entrance of the Lead British School in Abuja, approached the students to ask some questions concerning what has been going on since the recent out burst of several bully videos making rounds on social media from the same school.

The Students have revealed that bullying is a normal occurrence at their school and their teachers are aware, but nothing was done about it.


Earlier today, social media users woke up to shocking viral videos of students bullying and slapping another student named Namtira Bwala while accusing her of snatching a boy.

Other videos of students being bullied at the school have also emerged.

Now, students of the school have spoken out. In an interview with Punch, the students say they report to their teachers but nothing is done about it.

They added that sometimes, their teachers witness these incidents but do not intervene.

They said in the video shared by the publication, “And some teachers were watching them and they didn’t do anything. There was one time they poured cold water on us.”

The students told the reporters that the reason the school won’t grant them entrance is because they are guilty.

They said: “They are not allowing you guys inside? That’s because they are guilty. They have been acting like nothing happened.”

Watch the students speak in the video below…

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