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“I Carry Myself With Grace & Won’t Take Rubb!sh From Anyone” – Davido’s Daughter, Imade (DETAIL)



"I Carry Myself With Grace & Won't Take Rubb!sh From Anyone"- Davido's Daughter, Imade (DETAIL)

The recent saga from the Lead British school on bullying video that made rounds online, Davido‘s, baby mama, Sophia Momodu has shared the conversation she had with her daughter, Imade over bullying.

Sophia shared this via the micro-blogging platform Twitter (now known as X), saying that after school, she reopened the conversation with her daughter on how to handle bullying and Imade stated that no one can mess with her, which didn’t leave her shocked.

Sophia Momodu

The mother of one disclosed that she proceeded to probe her daughter, Imade declared that no one could mess with her because she carried herself with grace but she wouldn’t take rubbish from anyone. Sophia added that she looked at her daughter with pride and knew she meant every single word.

See what Imade said below…

“I don’t care what anyone says children are a product of their environment. When you see a child angry, lashing out, being a bully etc don’t look far.. look at their “homes”.

Y’all so with all these bullying videos going around today after school even tho we’ve had multiple talks on how to handle yourself etc I still decided to have a talk with my kid. Tell me why she chuckled & said “They know not to try that with me” lol I wasn’t shocked

However I proceeded to ask, who’s ‘they’ She goes “anyone at all.. I’m speaking generally mummy, I know who I am, I carry myself with grace but I won’t take rubbish from anyone.” I looked at her & I knew she meant every single word. 🥹

Let’s teach our kids to be kind.. also let’s teach them to not take anyone’s nonsense.
Gosh, some kids can be so mean. The whole thing is jst difficult to see 🤦🏽‍♀️”

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