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Social Media Users Dr@g And Call For Arrest Of Unidentified Man Who Uses Little Girl’s Pictures To Promote Child P 0rn (PHOTOS)



The internet has been unrest since the recent discovery where a Nigerian young man around the age 24-32 years was dragged for promoting child’s porn.

Several photographs of a little girl called Sarah, was seen in different poses and body nûdes online. The lil girl is used to promote ‘Child’s P0rn’ on Instagram, with the handle; @officialsarah_ig.

Sarah, Child Porn
From various photos, Sarah is seen dressed in pants and singlets, sometimes on several live sessions, she reportedly strips for more attention.

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Child Porn, Sarah Child Porn, Sarah Child Porn

Many have argued that the possession of child pornography is immoral, because it would validate the act of child sexual abuse or actively encourage people to engage in child molestation.

Amid this new development, social media users have glued themselves around the account the young man opened for this purpose and constantly uploads her nüdes online.

It is uncommon around the community of today as Child porn is highly never encouraged. Netizens are therefore suggesting reporting the Instagram account used for this act, while some are calling out for thorough investigation and arrest of this unidentified young man.

Sarah, Child Porn

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Child porn, sarah, Momedia

Pornographic content can harm children. Exposure to pornography at a young age may lead to poor mental health, sexism and objectification, sexual violence, and other negative outcomes.

Among other risks, when children view pornography that portrays abusive and misogynistic acts, they may come to view such behaviour as normal and acceptable.

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