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Viral Asoebi Lady, Olivia Emmanuel Releases Over 20 Numbers of Men Sliding in Her DM (DETAIL/VIDEO)



The wedding party ended few hours ago, but one of the bridesmaids who went viral, Olivia Emmanuel, for her asoebi attire, has shared the phone numbers of over 20 guys who have been pestering her.

The Anambra girl laughed at all the strange men in her Inbox and chastised them for chatting her up on her WhatsApp line after openly criticising her lifestyle.

Olivia Emmanuel

Olivia explained that she had shared her number mistakenly some years ago while building a Facebook page.

It looked that the men searched for it and found it on the website. She ridiculed the guys whose phone numbers she shared on Facebook.

Olivia’s Facebook profile has grown from 7,000 to over 29,000 followers since the wedding tragedy.

See Netizens comment below…

Benzino Mkd said: “Na chop and clean mouth na, are you a learner? Do quick ooo, another baddie go soon comot, chopping and movement is constant .”

Precious Jefferson said: “My dear sister pls allow God in your life. “Give your life to Christ and he will forget your past and make you a new creation. “Ask God for the forgiveness of your sins and iniquities and move on with him. “Jesus loves you .”

Sandra Ijeoma said: “Baby girl I love you, I love your courage, I love what you do. Just open “Only Fans” you will cash out big time.”

Clara Diamon said: “And they will all come here and be ranting nonsenseeee eye service and hypocrite them.”

Nduchukwu Chinwendu said: “If your boyfriend or husband dey cheat biko pause and check his number there .”

Mhiz Joy said: “No be my papa number I just see hey God.”

See Olivia talk in the video below…

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