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Boyfriend gifts his girl a brand new generator for her to use in the hostel after she complains about the issue of power supply to him



A Nigerian boyfriend has caused stirs on social media with his act of generosity, as he buys a brand new generator for his girlfriend after she complained to him that there hadn’t been light in her hostel for 3 weeks.

This became netizens matter of concern, after a video went viral, which attracted thousands of likes and shares on social media.

The video is captioned: “You got a surprise from your boyfriend after you complained you don’t have light in your hostel since 3 weeks.”

Boyfriend gifts his girlfriend a brand new generator after she complained of lack of power in her hostel for three weeks

Moments into the video, the face of the beautiful Nigerian lady was shown after which she showed the moment the generator was being delivered to her hostel.

As it was delivered, she recorded everything and also the moment the brand new generator was unboxed from its carton.

The girl posted a video on social media to celebrate her gift and as well, thank her boyfriend for this offer, as this also created an arena for netizens to react on.

See what netizens commented on the video…

Kurtg5: “Where did you order your own boyfriend from please.”

marry: “At the end you will ask him if you ever force him to do all this and you will be right.”

puppy7008❤: “Congratulations 🎊…na until you Comot from chibueze hostel ehh fine girl.”

Santiago: “Guys just know this… REAL LIFE HAPPENS OFFLINE no let anybody pressure u sha.”

Tradesmart: “hope say u dey spend on him too. oh sorry nah student u be.”

Daninio007: “You will still ask him one day.. what have you done for me?… very ungrateful set of human being.”

Vicsmith Foreignbred: “No dey do good boy for girl, she no go value you, instead she go value who dey spend 1 naira for her.”

See the video below…



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