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“Its Hard In Nigeria Right Now To See A Guy Who Is Not Sm0king” – Nigerian Lady Cries Out (VIDEO)



A Nigerian lady has revealed that the trending thing for Nigerian guys now is sm0king, as it is hard find a guy in Nigeria who doesn’t sm0ke.

Nigerian men smoke too much - Lady cries out

A young Nigerian lady has called out Nigerian guys for sm0king too much.

In a recent video making rounds online, a lady expressed that Nigerian guys are abusing sm0king, as they believe they must sm0ke before doing anything they want to do.

The lady also noted that this excess sm0king makes men channel all their anger and frustration to their wives or girlfriends, according to her it’s the reason most men asks to know what their ladies are bringing to the table.

She further stated that most Nigerian guys are ignorantly and slowly k!lling themselves, because of the harmful substances they inhale while sm0king.

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