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“My Boyfriend Is Cute, It Pains Me When I See Comments Saying He Is Ugl¥”- Carter’s Fiancée, Emmanuella (VIDEO)



Nuella, the girlfriend of fast rising Music artiste and famous skitmaker, Carter Efe has just defended her boyfriend, stating that he is not ugly.

In a live interview, Nuella was sitting beside Carter Efe, while a question hits her;
“Do you think Carter is a cute man?”

Carter Efe

Carter Efe

Nuella shared her answer with excitement, saying that whenever he dresses up to leave the house, she tells him out of fear to be careful so that no one steals him away from her.

She also explained that Carter replies saying he is sure of himself, that no one can take him away from her.

She further cleared the doubts of his fans who kept saying that he is ‘ugly’.

She narrated that if it was for the skit videos his fans sees the face as ‘ugly’, that it is depending on the angle of the camera.

The beauty continues to lie in the eyes of the beholder, it is now necessary for Carter Efe’s fans to refrain from coming up with different claims about his beauty.

Netizens still filled the comment section with different reactions, see below…

Carter Efe Carter Efe Carter Efe

See the video below…


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