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“Emotional Blackm@il…You Bought A House & Gwagon, Is It Money For Lawyers You Can’t Afford” Reactions As Korra Obidi Opens Gofundme, Husband Stops Her From Creating Content With Their Children On Facebook



Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, a famous Nigerian singer, dancer and songwriter aka. Korra Obidi, shares a live video of herself, crying for help from Nigerians as she opens a Gofundme account to raise money and hire a Lawyer.

Korra Obidi’s ex Husband has obtained image rights protection from Meta, to stop her from featuring their children on Facebook which she says will jeopardize her livelihood as a content creator.

The dancer already knew it is too much for her, as she cries for help on a Facebook live video and requested those who love her to send money to her go-fund me account, so she can be able to hire a good lawyer to defend herself from her ex husband who is trying to infringe on her right.

Kora Obidi

Korra Obidi

Korra therefore, sets up Gofundme for support with legal fees to fight against this rights over her freedom to continue her contents online.

She cried in a live session, requesting for help from Nigerians who can fund her with money and provide a good Lawyer for this case.

In the video, she said;

This is the Gofundme guys! I need a good Lawyer and I need one ASAP… If you know that you ever loved me and you know this is what I do.

I make content from home.. I make content from home!

And I create content around Motherhood. Motherhood and sharing my experiences around Motherhood. This is my experience. This is what I am going through now and this is my Gofundme, I am not shameless.

If you know you are a celebrity and you have money, you are throwing it all around, I need help and a Lawyer right now.

If I don’t do something right now, this will be the rest of my life for the next 18 – 20 years…”

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