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“I Fasted For 40 Days And 40 Nights At Age 80” – Pastor Adebayo Reveals



Founder of Redeemed Christian Church, Pastor Adeboye has revealed that he had fasted for over 40 days and nights when he had just turned 80 years old.

Pastor Adeboye fasted for 40 days
During the sermon, he disclosed to his congregation that a great deal of people had discouraged him regarding it. They had informed him that he was far too old to be fasting, possibly out of concern for possible health problems. They had even assured him that, should he choose not to fast, God would comprehend.


Still, Pastor Adeboye had not wavered in his resolve, motivated by a strong belief in the spiritual value of his fast. He had only intended to fast for ten days to test the waters, but he went above and beyond.


During this period, he revealed that encountered leg pain, leading him to adopt an armchair for teaching and preaching two years ago. However, in his recent sermon, he joyfully revealed his restored health, standing tall before the congregation.


In his message, Pastor Adeboye stressed that fasting is not constrained by age but rather dictated by spiritual purpose. He encouraged believers to embrace fasting when spiritually compelled, regardless of their age.

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