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Estranged Besties, Uche Ogbodo and Anita Joseph throw jabs at each other online (DETAILS)



Famous Nollywood actresses and former close friends; Uche Ogbodo and Anita Joseph, are currently engaging in a subtle exchange of jabs on Instagram.

Their friendship deteriorated due to a disagreement in viewpoints, leading to a public fallout between the two.

Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo

On 8th of May, Wednesday, keen observers noticed that both Uche and Anita were actively participating on Instagram, subtly throwing shade at each other without explicitly mentioning names.

Anita shared an airbrushed photo of herself and wrote:“How can I call someone out in a way that will please God?”

Anita Joseph

Uche proceeded to include multiple laughing face emojis in her post.

Following that, she shared side-by-side pictures on her page featuring the Star Wars character, Baby Yoda.

One photo showcased Baby Yoda with a rugged face, while the other displayed an airbrushed image, giving Baby Yoda a smoother complexion.

”Stop doing this sh#t to your pictures,” the photo read.

“Please stop. You know yourself,

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Get some self love, you lack that. Period.” Uche Ogbodo added.


Uche’s followers started decoding and pointed out that she was referring to Anita.


Meanwhile, on Anita’s page, she posted: “Avoiding drama doesn’t mean I’m scared of you… I have anger issues and I’m trying to avoid jail.”

She added in the caption: “I saw this post and I know is (sic) for someone.”


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