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“Ilebaye Was Disrespectful To Everyone On Set Including Her Chaperone, 120 Million Can Get You Anything But Definitely Not Character”- Podcaster, Charles Continues To Dr@g Ilebaye (VIDEO)



Yesterday, podcaster and actor, Charles Born took to his social media platform to call out Bbnaija all stars winner, Ilebaye, for being very disrespectful on the set of a podcast.

Charles also went live on his instagram page to explain what happened:

Charles of glitch africa said:

Ilebaye was outside our office screaming at her chaperone, i halted what i was doing and went outside and before i could get there, she zoomed off without meeting anybody in the production team to know what exactly happened.
when ilebaye arrived, we had already started filming with pere and adekunle, there was no way we were gonna stop recording for her to join in the middle of a session, so she had to wait for the next session with her and cross.
120 million can get you anything in life but definitely not character, ilebaye was very disrespectful to all of us today.

He added:

Genz baddie, waited for few minutes while we were shooting with Pere and Adekunle and drove off saying we kept her waiting. Celebrity of yesterday? Lol money truly doesn’t buy class…yuck!!!

Some comments on his post;


You don’t disrespect Illebaye and come out to call her celebrity of yesterday! You didn’t consider her and was talking her down because you feel she’s not deserving a winner. Very unprofessional of you, most people don’t even know your podcast, maybe you want traffic on your wall and you won’t still get it. Leave Baye out of your messy clout chasing about women, she no send you message.😏😏


You man-woman want to trend with Baye’s name ọ kwa ya? 🤔 What has class got to do with what happened. You kept her waiting, she got angry and left, who is classless between you too going by societal norm? Okpo, choose whether you want to be nwoke ma ọbụ nwanyị.. Mtcheeeeeeewwww 😏 😏 🙄 🙄 🚶‍♀️ 🚶‍♀️

See video below:

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