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Man Recounts How His Manhood Was Mysteriously Taken For The Second Time In Lagos



A Twitter user has recounted an account of how his reproductive organ was mysteriously taken at Yaba.

According to the man identified on Twitter as Dejileye he has visited Yaba, Lagos when his male organ suddenly got lost, apparently for the second time.

He stated that when he got home, he told his wife what had happened and she screamed in fright over the loss.

Dejileye revealed that he got back the organ Covenant Christian church in Yaba.

See his post below:

Again they took my P**n Yaba on a Wednesday. I got it back at Covenant Christian Centre Yaba that same Wednesday. Lol

“Lmaooo. i remember telling my girlfriend (now wife) then and she simply put her hand on her head shouting mogbe, moku.

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