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Why Outdoor Quickies Are The Best – $ex Coach, Seyi Hunters



Nollywood actress and sex coach, Seyi Hunters in one of her Vlogs, has instructed couples to tryout a quickie from time to time to ignite their love life, stating that it is really exciting just as it is risky.

Why Outdoor Quickies Are The Best - Sex Coach, Seyi Hunters

“When you are both feeling naughty and you are up for it, just quickly get somewhere you won’t get caught. I usually like it when quickies are not inside the house.

Outdoor quickies are the best. If you are in the restaurant you can use the restaurant. If you haven’t done that before please try it. The thrill of getting caught has its own excitement. It kinda adds some 50% of thrill to it. You have to experience it to know what I’m actually talking about,” she added

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