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“Layi, Talkess & Gilmore Are The Only Content Creators That Doesn’t Use Nak€d Ladies In Their Contents” – Social Media User Reveals 



An X user has revealed the only three Nigerian skit makers who don’t use n@ked ladies in the contents.

The only content creators that don't add n@ked women in the contents

An X (formerly called Twitter) user has called out three Nigerian skit makers and showered praises on them for their uniqueness when it comes to content creating.

Taking to social media the X user @Derahback expressed that Layi, Talkless and Gilmore are the top 3 best skit makers, because they don’t add n@ked girls to their content, yet they still create quality and relatable skits.

@Derahback wrote:

“Layi, Talkless & Gilmore are the only content creators that doesn’t use n@ked ladies in their contents. They are different 🐐”

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