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“I Can’t Marry A Woman Who Is Not A Virgin”- Ned Nwoko Reveals (VIDEO)



Ned Nwoko, Politician and billionaire husband of Regina Daniels has revealed he cannot marry a woman who’s not a virgin. The politician revealed he married Regina Daniels, a well brought up young lady from his state, who he disvirgined.


Some reactions online


What does he want to do with virginity 😮🤦🏾‍♂️



This is a wrong 😕 comment……..sorry to say sir…..virginity is not dignity 😢😢😢😢


Definitely, every man can not settle for a good and feminine virgin.

This is where the simps and weak men come into the picture.

They care less about a woman’s past.

They reason emotionally, making them make wrong decisions.

They’re always worried about who’ll marry the women other men disvirgined.

They fail to understand that in order not to be punished in this ruthless world, you must have to be ruthless in your choice in a woman.

They see themselves as “Captain save a hoe.”

The more reason they end up learning the hard way!

Kings, always learn from their mistakes and hope never to end up like them.


As a man make money, create your own standard, women create their own standard everyday without even having a kobo! Ned Nwoko, a king in my book!👑



Old man wey no get sense. I blame ladies who marry a man who has a wife all cos of money nd greed. Everything no b abt money.

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