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E-money Reacts After A Blogger Accused Him Of K!ll!ng Junior Pope (DETAILS)



Billionaire businessman, E-Money finally breaks silence over accusation from Facebook blogger known as Trending media over his innvolvement in Junior Pope’s death.

Junior Pope and E money

Jnr Pope and E-Money

In a video on her page, the blogger initially speculated that the tragedy could be linked to an affair between Junior Pope’s wife and E-Money.

However, she later suggested that E-Money might be gay based on information she received.

She maintains that E-Money and Junior Pope’s wife are close friends, ruling out a romantic relationship between them. Despite this, she continues to suspect E-Money and accuses him of playing a role in the actor’s demise.

Few hours after the trend to this accusation, the billionaire businessman, E-money leaves a reply on his Instagram page, responding to this saga, see below…


It is worth noting that following Junior Pope’s passing, E-Money vowed to support the actor’s family and care for his children as his own due to their friendship.

Here are some reactions to the post….

_being_mercy said: “You know the disappointing thing?, she’s an advanced elderly person. I mean, I can understand young people clout chasing. But for real I expect older humans to know better. 😢so disdainful!.”

lisavetaccessories asked: “Do you have lawyer money?”

Samantha Florence wrote: “That thing wey you Dey find, you go see am for kirikiri”

an_na_bella11 begged: “E-Money please with all due respect sir, please teach this lady a lesson. Make she just go collect two portion of rice for kirikiri”

Jnr Pope e-money Jnr Pope e-money Jnr Pope e-money

Watch video on the link below:

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