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“Be Careful The Kind Of Men You Date”- Netizens React As Yahoo Guy $l@ughters His Girlfriend Who Visited Him (VIDEO/PHOTOS)



"Be Careful The Kind Of Men You Date"- Netizens React As Yahoo Guy $l@ughters His Girlfriend Who Visited Him (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

An alleged yahoo guy identified as Collins has slaughtered his girlfriend, Justina, a 300 level student of the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State.


The girlfriend who came to visit didn’t know her boyfriend was also a ritu@l!st.

The guy was caught by the estate security.

See video below:

Some comments online:


Be very careful who you date. Be prayerful, be extremely cautious of your environment. Before claiming anyone, be friends with the person and see what motivates him or her. If money is the driving force, rethink that relationship. Too many desperate people out here. May her soul rest in peace 🥹


You can be loving someone and they will be planing to use to for ritual to impress and spoil another person…


These girls these days don’t question questionable wealth, they become sacrificed for the money.


They ll still not learn
It’s so appalling how young girls comfortably date and marry yahoo boy,likeeeeee…
Those humans are damn desperate and can do anything!!!!


Who is brainwashing these boys that there is anything like money ritual … No free money all over the world. Even ppl dat Japa aren’t finding it easy. Choose a trade  and learn a  Skill


He is not remorseful…. ladies have to be extremely careful. I once ran away from a lazy, money loving and insecure man….He had no hustle for the amount of money he craved.

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