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“I Would Have Begged Hilda Baci To Teach Me How To Cook If I’d Known There Will Be All Stars…..”- BBN Cross Says (VIDEO)



Big Brother all stars housemate, Cross Okonkwo has revealed what he would have done if only he knew he would return to the Big brother house.


The crypto expert who doesn’t eat crayfish in a meal, complained about how difficult it is getting cooked meals in the house, and how most of the ladies are not even willing to cook. He also revealed how he would have contacted popular chef, Hilda Baci for cooking tutorials before coming on the show.

"I Would Have Begged Hilda Baci To Teach Me How To Cook If I'd Known There Will Be All Stars....."- BBN Cross Says (VIDEO)



In other news, the parrot in the Big Brother Naija All Stars show has exposed gossips and conversations between Doyin & Ilebaye about Cross, Kiddwaya & Ike. It also exposed Seyi and Venita.

The parrot revealed how Doyin called Kiddwaya “fat” & how she wants nothing to do with him romantically. It also revealed how Seyi called Doyin a dirty stinking girl who was badly raised at home.

"Her Parents Did Not Raise Her Well......."Biggie's Parrot Exposes Seyi, Venita, Doyin & Ilebaye (VIDEOS)

The parrot also revealed how Venita called Doyin, Ilebaye’s puppet master.


Doyin- I was liking that Fát ídiot Kiddwaya, but not anymore. Today Ike was talking to me that, we can play a game together, i said bro you can’t handle me. If we play together you’re going to be kneełing down, Sücking my t0es everyday. So you can’t handle me, my mom would be so embarrássed watching this



Seyi – I’m so happy that Doyin and Ilebaye f0ught, Doyin was the one méssing up her mind. Why do you think Venita calls her püppet master, Doyin is a t0rmenter, she’s the one instïgating Ilebaye. Very d!rty and st!nky girl, i can say this in front of her parents, they faíled as parents.




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