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“4 Years Of God’s Ultimate Blessings, I’m So Proud Of Myself”- Tboss Celebrates Daughter’s 4th Birthday (PHOTOS)



Reality TV Star, TBoss celebrated her daughter on her 4th birthday yesterday where she penned down a heartfelt note to her.

 "4 Years Of God's Ultimate Blessings, I'm So Proud Of Myself"- Tboss Celebrates Daughter's 4th Birthday (PHOTOS)

TBoss expressed gratitude to her daughter for not forsaking her during her motherhood experience.

She also expressed her undying Love for her daughter, describing her as her pride.

Sharing lovely photos of herself and her daughter TBoss captioned;

“For someone who expresses herself better by writing I sure am at a loss for words”.

“My heart is full, I am beyond proud of my Daughter & I am proud of Myself”.

“It’s been an Incredible journey thus far- 4 years- whilst it seems so long I struggle to wrap my head around it because seriously weren’t you born just 4 days ago?🤔🤯😲🙆🏽‍♀️”.

“4 years of God’s Ultimate Blessings because what’s better than watching an Upgraded Version of you being born, grow & blossom into someone you could never be?”.

“God is truly Great and my heart is overflowing with Gratitude. Thank you Lord for choosing me🙏🏽”.

“And thank you for never forsaking me whilst I waddle through this thing called Motherhood ❤️”.

“You guys, your Online sister, cousin and Baby is a year older. Like how Wild is that ?”.

“We Love and appreciate you guys with our entire hearts ❤️”.


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