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“To serve Nigeria is not by force 😂” – Reactions As Activist Aisha Yesufu Refuses To Stand Up For The Newly Adopted National Anthem When Recited At An Event (VIDEO)



Famous Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has drawn the attention of internet users and Nigerians in a recent trending video as she refuses to stand for the newly adopted national anthem, “Nigeria, We Hail Thee,” at a recent event.

Aisha Yesufu

In a recently released video on her X handle, Aisha Yesufu is seen deliberately ignoring the new anthem. While others stood in respect, she remained seated, flipping through a book and adjusting her glasses.

This act of defiance follows President Tinubu’s signing of the new anthem into law on Wednesday, replacing the previous national anthem.

“Nigeria, We Hail Thee,” originally written by British expatriate Lillian Jean Williams and composed by Frances Berda, was initially replaced by “Arise, O Compatriots.” Critics have long disapproved of the original anthem because of its foreign origins.

The legislative push to reinstate the old anthem was spearheaded by Senator Opeyemi Bamidele (Ekiti Central) and received substantial support from lawmakers.

Advocates of the bill argued that the original anthem better symbolizes unity, peace, and prosperity compared to its successor, which they claim was a product of a military regime and lacked alignment with national values and norms.

Yesufu captioned her video with the hashtag “#NotMyNationalAnthem”, prompting a wide array of comments from social media users.

See screesnhot of her post and Watch the video below…

Aisha Yesufu

See reactions below;

ugezujugezu: Activism taken too far. That you don’t like a law will not make it not to be law. It remains the law and disobedience may have consequences. We all need to be guided.

_symply__promise: To serve Nigeria is not by force 😂.

muhibs__: Those of you wey say she dey disrespects her country,Shey d country never disrespect himself like this😂Country hard abeggggi.

@KinqKudos: 99% of Peteru fans are like that, their loyalty is only for Obi and not to their nation Nigeria. What a pity for you.

iam_linchpin’: This is totally wrongg. This is simply disrespectfull towards the country & her citizens. I’m not a Tinubu or APC fan but I respect Law & Order. Try this kine unruly civil disobedience in China, by the next 24hrs you’ll be missing or taken to à concentration càmp for brain reset after few years.

theophilusaimiebenomon: A true Obidient and a Warrior. She nor send your Papa😂😂❤️❤️.

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