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“This country na una pray pass but na una still wicked pass….”- Bbn Doyin writes, lays Cur$e$ on her trolls (DETAILS)



Doyin david

Reality tv star, Doyin David, has sent strong words to trolls who always criticise her for being kind to some of her colleagues.

Doyin David wrote:

Why do people feel the need to poke holes into someone’s kindness? Like if someone is being good to you or to a friend……..why is it so difficult to believe that they are just good people? Why must be there be an ulterior motive behind kindness? When someone is kind to me, i appreciate it and reciprocate the kindness…..i don’t start thinking about why they are being kind because kindness is a way of life for me

Are you people cursed with sadness? Abi you have never experienced kindness in your miserable lives? One thing is sure i’m not a perfect person but a more quality human being than you fo0ls will ever be


Its obvious so many of you were not raised with love, because if you were you would understand that being kind or loving towards your friends, acquaintances or even strangers should be a way of life. There is nothing strange about being kind. This country na una pray pass but na una still wicked pass. Children of misery

Read her full write-up in screenshot below:

 "This country na una pray pass but na una still wicked pass...."- Bbn Doyin Writes, Lays Cur$e$ on her trolls (DETAILS)

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