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“No Man Can Sati$fy Me Like A Vibr@tor”- Bbn star, Doyin says (VIDEO)



Reality tv star, Doyin David has made a shocking revelation about $exual life. Doyin was a guest on the honest bunch podcast where she revealed she loves 0r@l $ex a lot & no man can sastisfy her with the same intensity and pleasure she gets from a vibrator ($ex toy).

 "No Man Can Sati$fy Me Like A Vibr@tor"- Bbn star, Doyin says (VIDEO)

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We need to regulate what comes out of these podcasts these days because immorality is gradually dominating our screen and it’s the way they force it on our throat! God have mercy on my generation!


Just say u never jamb gbola wen sweet pass ur vibrator


Finished women 🤮🤮🤮 Nothing sweet pass the real one(Preek) 👏👏👏


Nothing sweet pass the Real thing Abeg . Something wey go dey wyn wyn inside , girllllllllll you’ve not met the real ones trust me


My advice is, Men should avoid women who love toys because you can never ever satisfy them…


Lol she is clearly used to helping herself and that’s not healthy


Maybe it’s just me but I always find this kind of conversation very weird to have with anyone !!! Not to talk of on a podcast.I miss those days where people are always so discreet about whatever thing they’re doing s€xu@ll¥


After having kids the first rule is for them to stay off the internet till they turn 18-20
Mostly Nigerian social media #like what’s this

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