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“I Yearn For The Laughter We Share & The Warmth Of Your Touch……..” Pere Egbi Reveals The Letter, Flowers He Recieved & Mercy Eke’s Response That Made Him Announce He Isn’t Dating Her (DETAILS)



"I Yearn For The Laughter We Share & The Warmth Of Your Touch........" Pere Egbi Reveals The Letter, Flowers He Recieved & Mercy Eke's Response That Made Him Announce He Isn't Dating Her (DETAILS)

Yesterday, Percy shippers were thrown into a sober mood, after Pere Egbi tweeted about not being in a relationship with Mercy Eke. Before making that announcement on twitter, Pere Egbi recieved some flowers and gifts with a love note that reads;


Dear P, each moment without you leaves a void, an unfinished melody in my heart, i yearn for the laughter we shared, the warmth of your touch, and the solace in your presence. Let our love re-ignite like the stars illuminating the night sky and i miss you beyond measures”- your M

Pere immediately enquired from Mercy Eke if she sent it, she replied with the words: “Cant be me”.  


Hours later, Pere tweeted;

Dear shippers while I appreciate your efforts and care from inception, I would love to be clear on one thing I am not dating Mercy Eke. So please cease with the flowers mentioning her name. This is as concise as I can be.




Some comments from shippers;


speculations and romours of these were ongoing, we the shippers are 💔, we expected a permanent site in the relationship, however we go manage sha, we also appreciate una #PorDeeUniverse #perletti



My Percy must continue to sail ijn🥹🥹😭😭😭


I understand. When you get what you want you remember no dating. It’s a men’s thing.



Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

It’s giving ambulance😂


Make God no allow dem disgrace your fave outside oooo 🥲 cus see the disclaimer wey general Pere use take distance himself for Mercy 😭😭



He said not dating he didn’t say they are not in a relationship 🤪🤪🤪I refuse to accept so let me delulu in peace 😂😂😂



I talk am!!!!! As Pere no go work today, I expected something triggering all day. But not this now, I refuse to accept it. Una must date ooo.


After eating shippers money…. Mtcheww 😏😏😏


Let me quickly go and remove the customized tattoo of your ship name PERCY on my arms

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