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“I Have No Shame Being Inspired By Ilebaye’s Dressing, Let’s Spread Love Not H@te……”- Uriel Says



Reality Tv star, Uriel Oputa, has written that she is not ashamed of copying Ilebaye’s fashion style because she feels inspired by her dressing. Uriel also advised fans to spread love and not hate.

Uriel bbnaija

Her post reads:

Just saw thought i would say as a millenial there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from a beautiful fashionista Genz. I bought these boots because i saw them on Sister Baye. Let’s spread love not hate. Fashion is made for all to enjoy. Fans should encourage love. The economy is hard already. Shoutout to all the Gen Z’s. I have no shame being inspired by them.

"I Have No Shame Being Inspired By Ilebaye's Dressing, Let's Spread Love Not H@te......"- Uriel Says

Few hours ago, Ilebaye shared a message sent by a fan. It reads:

Can i tell you a secret? Don’t share this one publicly , ok, dont know if uve noticed your impact on other bbn housemates? Youve got these millenials scrambling to keep up. The way their dress is changing, trying to look younger. Some have started saying purr (hope they are not trying to steal it) and even the way they style their hair, they are doing whatever youve done. When you trend for something, next day we see their snaps & IGs trying to top it….its funny to see bc they dunno what you all do next, but i love how you keep surprising all of us!!!


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