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Na My Matter Go K*ll You, Mummy Leave Me Alone & Mind Your Business- Phyna Sl@ms Princess After She Condemned Her Opinion On Ab0rtion



Reality tv star, phyna, has slammed her colleague for commenting on a post involving her on instablog. Recall that earlier today, Phyna stated that every woman who has had $ex has also committed abortion.

A follower asked:

Did you think before saying there is no woman who has not done abortion before?

Phyna replied:

Only virgins are safe hypocrites…as long as you are having sex as a woman , if you drink postinor that’s abortion. If you drank becharm ampliclox and warm water, that’s abortion……keep crying for all i care.


Princess commented:

Its noy by force to agree with you. Carry your cross in peace


Phyna tweeted:

Princess with your imbecile voice? Wey be like person wey them train from deaf and dump ebubuwbuuuuuuuu you don dey find my trouble since , pls just chill because your mind go dey

Since i was in the house that woman has been on my case wetin happen? Mind your business mummy, leave me alone

Na my matter go k*ll princess


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