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“Why I Said Every Woman Has Done Ab0rtion”- Phyna Finally Explains (DETAIL)



Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, has given reasons why she made the statement ” every woman has done abortion”.


A follower asked:

Did you think before saying there is no woman who has not done abortion before?

Phyna replied:

Only virgins are safe hypocrites…as long as you are having sex as a woman , if you drink postinor that’s abortion. If you drank becharm ampliclox and warm water, that’s abortion……keep crying for all i care.


"Why I Said Every Woman Has Done Ab0rtion"- Phyna Finally Explains (DETAIL)
Some comments online:


While trying to prove a point, she is now sounding like someone who is not educated😢.




Not every woman. Prevention is better than cure and that’s why girls who are on the pill don’t get into trouble. This is a conversation parents should have with their children to raise responsible young adults. Next point use condoms to prevent the spread of diseases. It’s a huge risk to catch something that will affect fertility later in life. There are many people that have not gotten pregnant because they behaved right and there are many that gave birth rather than terminate. She’s not speaking for everyone but people like herself.



Prevention is not abortion 🚫



This woman nor go school, nor watin? Abi she dey lack understanding? How u go say abortion and prevention na the same thing? Anyways he nor concern me, na who dey fuck suppose enter this table



She is right abeg ,there is no small sin nothing like prevention all na abortion


@unusualphyna abortion occurs when a fetus is actually present….maybe you’re confusing what abortion is

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