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“You Will Make A Terrible Business Owner”- Ceec Tells Ilebaye ,See Her Response (VIDEO)



Big brother naija all stars housemate, Ceec has told Ilebaye that she will make a bad business owner. Ceec made this known while Ilebaye was trying to lead the house for their wager task preparation as the Head of house.

Ceec – You’d make a terrible business owner.  

Ilebaye – God forbid

Ceec – It’s not God forbid, it’s about you learning now.

Ilebaye – I’d learn, oya sorry

Some comments online:


To think that all these oldies disrespected every single hoh, it is even funny how they now expect current hoh to respect them which she is even doing but they won’t see it that way cuz they have judged her already


The whole bully Narrative is becoming disgusting! You see two people talking making jokes! And You people are rushing to throw insults 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Coming from a lawyer wey no know who Dey make laws😂


I’m baye fan aswell but ceec hasn’t said anything bad naa.There should be room for correction and we all are still learning.She isn’t correcting her in a rude way naa.She only said she should start learning how to be a successful business owner.Everything shouldnt be violent for BAYETRIBE.She’s not perfect,let them also let us perfect her .No one is perfect.We are only learning everyday.Everything isn’t bully

See video below:

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