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“Some People Do Not Deserve True Love & Honesty”- Destiny Etiko Writes, Blogger Reveals What Caused The F*ght Between Destiny & Lizzy Gold(DETAILS)



"Some People Do Not Deserve True Love & Honesty"- Destiny Etiko Writes, Blogger Reveals What Caused Their F*ght (DETAILS)

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has shared a cryptic post on social media, which has stirred up some reactions.

See the post below:

Popular gossip blog, Cutie Juls has shared the alleged reason for the misunderstanding between former besties, Destiny Etiko & Lizzy Gold.

It reads:

So it happened that Lizzy featured Destiny in her movie. According to our sources, Destiny gave her all and made sure she gave her friend a good show. Lizzy was aware of the issues between Destiny and Makvee productions.

Lizzy gave her movie to MAKVEE to show on their YouTube channel.

Destiny was upset, called Lizzy and blasted her that she already told her that she doesn’t want to be on any of the MAKVEE platforms so why would she give the movie she featured her in to MAKVEE to show on their YouTube channel.

Destiny stopped answering Lizzy’s calls after that.

Lizzy followed Destiny to her movie location to go beg her as she didn’t want to loose the friendship.

She explained to Destiny that her [Lizzy] own YouTube channel is new and doesn’t have the numbers. And since she spent a lot on the production of that particular movie, she wanted to market it on a platform which of already established where she could get enough views so that YouTube will pay her good.

Omo, they said Destiny gave it to her well well and told her she is a hypocrite cuz she was already aware of her stands with MAKVEE and she suspects all along Lizzy had plans of giving the movie to MAKVEE to show on their YouTube channel but pretended she wasn’t going to do that just so she Destiny will accept to play a major role which will boost Lizzy’s movie.

Destiny lambasted her and drove off from the location out of anger until Lizzy left.

Lizzy on the other hand said fcuk it, after all, I paid you for the job so I have the liberty to sell it on any platform I want and if you don’t want to be friends with me again cuz of that, eff off. You don’t feed me etc.

Hmmm Cuties, so as it stands, Lizzy and Destiny are at loggerheads. Hopefully they make peace soon 👩‍🦯

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