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Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Okojie, f!res back at Angela Okorie’s witchcraft claims against his wife with a sh0cking message (DETAILS)



Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has been going hot headed for hour now, dishing out a real-life soap opera dubbed ‘Witchcraft‘ and she’s not holding back from the beef she has with her colleague, Mercy Johnson.

In Angela’s no-holds-barred story, she exposed Mercy Johnson with an accusation of witchcraft and sacrifices her late mother has done.
Mercy Johnson

Mercy’s husband was involved this time around, as he added to the already explosive drama by stoking the fire a bit with a subtle shot at Angela, leaving fans utterly enthralled.

Prince Odi Okojie, who is Mercy J’s husband, a prominent Nigerian politician and a father of 4, ignited a flurry of online reactions with his cryptic social media post in response to allegations made by Angela Okorie against his wife.

Earlier, MOMEDIA reported about Angela leveling a bombshell accusation against Mercy Johnson, claiming that she and her late mother wielded dark powers to manipulate destinies within the entertainment industry.

Actress Angela took to Instagram with a series of candid and startling posts, recounting a revelatory moment during prayer when she purportedly uncovered Mercy Johnson and her deceased mother as the architects of chaos within Nollywood.

In response to Angela Okorie’s claims, many individuals dragged her, questioning her mental state and suggesting that she might not be in the right frame of mind.

In a subtle yet pointed move, Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Odi Okojie, took to his Instagram story to offer advice to his followers about the importance of checking up on loved ones who may be struggling with mental health issues.

The timing of his post, following Angela Okorie’s controversial claims, suggested a veiled reference to the ongoing drama.

Prince Okojie wrote on his story post…

Pls endeavor to check on your loved ones, mental health is real. Mad people everywhere”.


Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Odi Okojie

An alleged childhood friend of Mercy Johnson, know as Ifeoma, instantly joined the saga with explosive accusations of witchcraft.

Ifeoma claimed with lamentation that Mercy, in-conjunction-with her late mother, orchestrated dark deeds that affected Nollywood’s fate.

According to her, Mercy was not only aware of mysterious deaths within the industry but allegedly wielded sinister powers to manipulate destinies, including those of the renowned music group Style Plus and her fellow colleagues.

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